UK NEQAS Chemistry Division Roadshow

The Chemistry Division of UK NEQAS, which includes the centres based in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Guildford are pleased to announce that we are holding a series of Roadshows across the UK from early next year.
Each Roadshow will be the same, so you only have to come to one! We are crossing the country, so there will be a venue close to you. If the date of your local one doesn’t suit, you are welcome to attend any of the others. We are going for city centre venues, so travelling by train shouldn’t be a problem.

The purpose of the Roadshows is 3-fold.

  • We will be explaining the mechanics of the Schemes, including how the statistics are calculated and how to interpret your reports to assist you in troubleshooting.
  • We will showcase some of the added value extras that the Schemes provide; we are not just a numbers-only service.
  • We want to give you the chance to ask questions from us on any topic, but perhaps with particular emphasis on how we can assist you in your day job and how to help you with the demands of ISO15189.

Three Roadshows have now been held in Birmingham, London and Edinburgh. The  next is in Manchester on Tuesday the 8th October 2019 followed by Belfast on Wednesday the 6th of November 2019.

How do I reserve my place?
The web form is live and taking registrations. If can be found here: Please keep an eye on the front page of your reports for further details. We will email information out nearer the date.

We will be funding this from our educational budget, so the Roadshow will be free*. All you do have to do is arrange for study leave and meet your own expenses.
*As is the norm these days when meetings are free at the point of contact, we will be surcharging anyone who registers but doesn’t turn up for whatever reason or who cancels within a week of the event. Everyone these days seems to be happy with the fairness of this approach. The surcharge will be £50.

Other cities include London and Edinburgh with Sheffield, Manchester, Southampton, Belfast and Cardiff as likely venues dependent on participant feedback. You will be able to express your interest and book via our web booking form which will go live in the New Year.

Outline Programme

The individual speakers may be different at each Roadshow but the presentations themselves will be consistent. The speakers will include Finlay MacKenzie, Alan Reid, Cathie Sturgeon, Rachel Marrington, Jane French, Gwen Wark, Martin Roch and other members from across the centres.

EQA Back to Basics:

  • EQA as part of the whole Quality System
  • What’s behind an EQA Distribution
  • Report Interpretation/Troubleshooting
  • Target Values
  • Network Reports
  • Feedback from Participants

The Added Value of EQA Scheme:

  • Science Highlights
  • Interferences, Cross Reactivity

What’s New and Coming Soon:

  • NPEx
  • Dashboards
  • Specimen Exchange
  • Pilot Schemes