Scheme Information

Customs Information

UK NEQAS Clinical Chemistry comprises five centres which are members of the UK NEQAS Charitable consortium (Charity Number: 1044013) and which provide External Quality Assessment (EQA) / Proficiency Testing services.

EQA service provision is both regulatory and educational. The primary purpose is to ensure participants are reporting diagnostic test results appropriate for use in patient care.

To achieve this, participants must analyse the enclosed specimens and return their results to the EQA provider. The specimens have no intrinsic value or resale value and are classified as exempt human specimens.

At this current time, in our opinion, as a service providing specimens of no intrinsic value, there is no need for taxes or tariffs to be levied.

Because of its relatively short shelf-life, the package needs to be delivered as quickly as possible to the final recipient.

Please contact the relevant sender in the table below should you require more information.